An Eventful Year

Borders Forest Trust got us involved in an event at Wooplaw with Kenny Grieve our bodger friend. The stipulation was no industrial materials so many xylophones were built, some huge, and much drumming was done.

We also shared another project with Kenny at Callander in Grounds for Learning week, bringing together the big plastic drums and a giant xylophone structure.


Planning the trip to Norway started in January with discussions  the special needs organisation, Proff, and Oscar, their director. Bill spent a lot of time emailing the Funkisfestival organiser Mathias about arrangements to take a training group over and working out how to get equipment together and suitable groups to work with. June was Norway. Colin and Bill went over at the beginning on the month to supervise the instrument gathering and start the workshops, staying in the lovely town of Sandefjord, which is southeast of Oslo. After the first week Erika came over and the work intensified. 

The project involved secondary age children from mainstream and special needs schools and a group of adults from sheltered workshops. Much of the writing and direction had to be developed during the 19 days we were over there, leaving little time for sight seeing, apart from a special boat trip with a local teacher. The Funkisfestival festival performance was a triumph. An Israeli team filmed it and we have a copy for viewing. Out of this came a number of invites, including one to Jerusalem.  

 Back to Scotland with a workshop performance for young kids in Langholm, where Lynne Grieve joined the team, a Newcastleton project for the festival, a workshop for mums and kids in West Lothian, a marching band project in Ayr, summer school projects in Leithand Selkirk, play schemes in Jedburgh, Kelso and Innerleithen.

YES the Youth Enquiry Service in Dumfries asked us to work up a performance group for their ROOTZ Festival of the 20th August. Colin, Lynne and Bill worked with a great group to produce a cracking performance. ?Chumble the group we set up in East Kilbride was able to come down and laid down some really good sounds. After the show both groups gave an impromptu joint performance on the street.


The day after the Borders group did the Edinburgh Fringe again. We were all a bit jet lagged, especially Eileen Ogston who was just back from holiday. Jenny Miller, Alan Govan and Alex Paterson were moonlighting, with Finlay, from their band Tourist Information, Colin and Bill had just come back from the Dumfries gig, so that left Erika and Rachel as fresh as daisies. I don't think it was our finest performance, but the audience enjoyed it and we passed the hat around.





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