On the 10th of October 2010 we did our bit for the publicising of the need to reduce carbon emissions with a to minute performance starting at 1 pm. You get all the permutations around 10? Somebody asked why we didn't start at 10? On a Sunday after goodness knows what shenanigans on saturday night - you must be joking. We were very lucky - 55 people answered our call to arms and turned up on the village green at St. Boswells, much to the bemusement of the passers by. The weather was dry which was another plus. Colin, who was one of the founder members, came all the way down from Edinburgh with some friends. Afterwards we trooped down the church hall had tea, coffee, and a blether. Then people started to get twitch, led by Colin, so barrel drums were got out of the van, and an impromptu session took place. A great day. Thanks to everyone who turned up. A new TRASH group?



In early October Bill, Fin and Kate had a day out at St Boswells Primary school, which is in the Scottish Borders. Driving the trusty Cook's van (they are our fav hire company) Bill delivered a van load of barrels to the school. What was intriguing was that the oldest children remembered the last time we were at the school when these children were in the earliest years. It can be quite odd, as has happened in the past, to have someone turn up who greets you all like old friends. Bill was saying that he has had even odder experiences turning up to work with youth groups and finding members of the groups who had "done" TRASH 10 years before and , what's more, could still remember, and play the pieces they were taught. Anyway back to the present. Bill and Fin did most of the morning session and then Kate took over and work with the senior classes into the pm. After a performance to the rest of the school the we ones were allowed to have a shot - thus completing the circle from the last time we were there. Thanks to Mrs Nailen and her staff.                    
and her staff for inviting u s. 

Bill spent a day with Nether Currie Primary School on the 25th November as part of their Eco School celebrations. Kenny our wood crafts colleague came down

with some of his stuff, including a giant xylophone, to make it an even better day. Nether Currie Primary School is situated in the heart of a pleasant residential

area in the village of Currie about seven miles west of Edinburgh.

Haley has been working for us since April 2009 taking a wide range of mainly local projects, plus one or two out of the Borders - Dumfries and Galloway YES being one right at the beginning of her time with us. Haley was part of the TRASH's famous Trash'd performance group and spent some time with us earlier on in her career. She is heading off to pastures new but, and this is the hello part, is continuing to run the TRASH Club project in Hawick on a voluntary basis with Ainsley, another volunteer. This project continues her famous mix of trash instrument sessions, rock and acoustic sessions, and painting, drawing and craft work. Everyone wishes her a very successful future.






With Funding from the SBC Community Fund a new and expanded version of TRASH for the young started up in Hawick at Arbeat - TRASH Club. Based on pilots activities that Haley has been trying out, with help from Ains, the programme works with the young people on a mixture of music - from TRASH to Rock,  with experimental art work 


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