That's the Tapestry project over. This is Tony, mastermind of the mill wheel with the words swirling over the top and down the street. Funded by Awards for All and starting in October 2011 the project told the story of one of the Borders towns - Hawick. Using song - A Day out of Hawick, The Tapestry Song, Borderlands; and many pictures and photographs; some video and some material composed on our new iPad. The project seemed to bring out the most imaginative ideas from the participants, volunteers, carers, and freelance professionals. The final gallery exhibitions brought in a very supportive audience and lots of favourable comments. A great  project and lots of fun.










We are looking at ideas for more projects; meanwhile more small projects are going on in Jedburgh and Kelso, the James Band gets ready to hit the road again; and the Nursery Adventure is restarting and the school projects in Peebles and Gala will be be speeding away.

6th Nov

As Busy as ever after the Autumn break. Nursery Adventure, school projects, the James Band, and starting again soon the Youth project. At Arbeat Studios we have started up the Journeys project which will also take place in Kelso and Jedburgh.


17th Nov

Another busy week with Katie, Chris and Fin continuing the Nursery Adventure round the Borders; Fin and Katie taking on the primary schools beyond Peebles; Fin and Dawn at Gala Academy; Fin, Dawn, Bill and James at Artbeat; Fin and James working on the band stuff in Kelso and Jedburgh. And this is the weekend of Brash in St Boswells Church Hall on Sunday - involving TRASH stuff and Brass and Saxs. We are really going to need the Christmas break.

19th Nov

What do you get if you take a group of people, some of whom have never met before, aged 7-70; 15 big plastic drums, a bat phone, a scaffolding glockenspiel, a xylophone; all from TRASH Arts; trombone, trumpets, saxophones from the OO group; and funneloniums (courtesy of Scottish National Funneloniums), and mix them together? You get BRASH of course. TRASH arts, the long established arts group based in the Borders specialising in creating music and mixed media from scrap and donated instruments brought together TRASH percussionists, Brass players of the TRASH Other Orchestra and people who answered the Social Media call, to make up a BRASH Band for the afternoon. The session was voted, a mildly hysterical, success. We are planning other sessions of this unique grouping and stress relief therapy.



The James Band, an integrated group, has been rehearsing away for the last few months with visits to residential homes and one or two special occasions as confidence grew. The band is named after James the lead singer. The band is getting into the performance swing now and will be visiting a lot more centres, weather permitting!





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