That's the Tapestry project over. This is Tony, mastermind of the mill wheel with the words swirling over the top and down the street. Funded by Awards for All and starting in October 2011 the project told the story of one of the Borders towns - Hawick. Using song - A Day out of Hawick, The Tapestry Song, Borderlands; and many pictures and photographs; some video and some material composed on our new iPad. The project seemed to bring out the most imaginative ideas from the participants, volunteers, carers, and freelance professionals. The final gallery exhibitions brought in a very supportive audience and lots of favourable comments. A great  project and lots of fun.










We are looking at ideas for more projects; meanwhile more small projects are going on in Jedburgh and Kelso, the James Band gets ready to hit the road again; and the Nursery Adventure is restarting and the school projects in Peebles and Gala will be be speeding away.

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