Our work at Artbeat Studios, Hawick, keeps going every Wednesday, as it has almost every week since December 2008 - have to

hold a celebration! The Wednesday sessions have seen us continue and build up our special needs work and start looking at extra

sessions, possibly in another town - certainly the need seems to be there, and our mix of music and other arts seems to strike a

chord. See projects for more information. TRASH Kidz and other work for young people has also been a feature of our work

in Hawick. 


 The year has seen a slow build up of our work in schools - some out of the Borders, but an increasing amount in the Borders as the year has gone on. See projects.


We did a small number of performances in the period - One for the Scottish Union of Supported Employment, at which our colleague and friend Graham Miller played guitar, prior to the terrible illness that carried him off in August. And another for Youth Borders, where Katie set the house on fire with some inspired beat-boxing and Fin played some of his esoteric instruments.


We did one festival, The Meadows, Edinburgh, during the period, but it seemed to go well.

The trip to Israel came off - after many trials and tribulations, In the end Bill couldn't go, for family reasons, so Fin accompanied Kenny on the trip to Jerusalem. They had a good time and the Music garden was built and Fin played at a festival. See projects.

This period saw the Splatterbang project for young people, funded by "Making a Splash",reach a peak with the fourday extravaganza at Artbeat - combining music,  song writing, art, drama, video, and even a bit of dancing. Great bunch of young people. The video made by the young people (with support from our very fine team - Fin, Katie, Irene and Steven) can be seen in the projects section. The theme - Space - brought out a lot of imaginative ideas to produce "Journey to Mars", including flying Mars Bars, can be seen in the Video section. Perhaps the company would fund us?





inEdinburgh and a major workshop at the end of the month for Scotland's National August also saw us do a display at the opening of the Seafield Waste Centre Guides Association. That weekend was quite frenetic - Katie and Steven worked with the Guides, with Chris doing the driving, on the same day Fin did workshops for Wilton Church festival in Hawick and the following day Bill did a workshop for the LGBT Rainbow Kilts Festival.

The beginning of September found as a Cornbank School in Penicuik with Katie and Steven leading 30+ P5's in rehearsals for the Penicuik Arts Festival that weekend. Bill drove and then spent the day doing research. Saturday found Katie not well so Steven and Bill led the performance in the pedestrian precinct. The kids didn't know Bill from Adam but since Steven is still on a learning curve he still led the group. Fortunately the kids all responded well and the weather held off till the last beat. Bill and Steven led open workshops in the afternoon and met a lot of interesting people. Thanks to Anneruth and the committee of the festival and the pupils and staff of Cornbank (they got a TRASHED Certificate).







During the month  Fin and Katie started  the schools project we are doing for the Scottish Borders Education Department Official YMI fund. The first two schools to take part are Howdenburn and Parkside schools in Jedburgh. Each course will run for five weeks and will be intended, after one session with the big drums, to bring out the children's own creativity with local resources and to mentor some of the teachers in the TRASH attitude to music making


The end of the month saw Fin and Katie at St George's Girls school in Edinburgh taking workshops as part of their Diversity day. The workshops seem to have mixed drumming with dance and to have gone down well.


James Harry came over from Canada to work with our friend Kenny Grieve and they both spent part of October

Working down here with us. Added new metal-phone bars and painted xylophone to our kit. James is First Nation Canadian.


The Tapestry Project

The Autumn saw the start of our Hawick Based Project - Tapestry bringing from Hawick (and the surrounding area),

some adults with special needs, some members of the older community, along withCarers, visual and music professionals,

and volunteers, to make a musical and visual record of Hawick. See project section. A taster below.


The mill wheel in imagination




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