Report from Haley

Dumfries Crew in their Hoodies

                                                             DUMFRIES Oasis: 15th to 17th April 2009 



We arrived in Dumfries dead on time on Wednesday morning with time to set up. 12 young people had signed up but bugs were in the air so only 5 made it along.

We started the workshops with some warm ups. A few of the group had done Trash before, 3 had not. We started with 'pass the beat , 1 beat, then 2 beats onto hip hop. We then split the group in half and put 'go ninja, go ninja go’ rhythm over the top. 


We then played the 2 rhythms together  and the group then did solos in with hip hop. After a wee break we introduced some movement by moving round the barrels using the ‘I am great rhythm’. We all ended up speeding up running around and got rather dizzy. Hehe.

We used some old rhythms from performance pieces and some of the guys that had done trash played some rhythms they already knew. With some old rhythms we started to put together ideas for the performance.


By the time afternoon came, we were all a bit more awake and alert and got the base of our performance together. We used Queens, "We will rock you" and added some jamming and bass in. We also started putting together  a piece that came from just jamming together that we all called’ The Scottish Yin!’ and revamped the ’Fitter, Faster ‘piece adding in lots of bass. Successful first day, all went home quite tired.



We started off day 2 with some warm ups, movement and jamming with all instruments, good fun. We lost a member from previous day but 2 other members came along. We showed them what we had done the previous day. Both had done Trash before. We spent the day sorting out songs for performance act. Productive day with plenty jamming thrown in. The group did really well, had fun and were really into it. Another good day, nearly had the performance sorted out.


DAY3 Final Day

Big day today. Again we started out with warm ups, then worked on the performance. Peter (a Taiko drummer) came along and added some call and response into the performance and conducting. We worked out the structure and spent the morning running through act.


After lunch we rehearsed for another hour then did a run through at the youth centre, We  were all wearing ‘Goodie Hoodies' and added them into our act. We entertained the crowd through out the afternoon that were waiting to get autographs signed by Diana Vickers outside the youth centre. excellent jam, good fun. THE PERFORMANCE at the DG Centre on the big stage went down really well the crowd really enjoyed it and all the hard work paid off.Well done to the trash drummers. At the start of the 3 days, everyone was so quiet, by the end, everyone had came out their shells, and showed great team work. An excellent three days in Dumfries.


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