Star Steps Project

Star Steps – The Outline

 This project came about through reading about a piece of work Jarvis Cocker did in London and a discussion with the Arts Development Unit. They very bravely agreed to fund the first stage. This enabled us to take on Katie to cover the Eastern end of the project (which she has done with great energy since the beginning of April). Haley has kept up the momentum in the West. Fin has given great support and Ainze has been a great help with the instrumental stuff. Steven was a major player with the Hawick TRASH group set up for the Creative Fashion show

 The project 

 The enabling of young people with or without music skills to be creative in music through:

  •  a: Using all means from voice, found objects/sounds, donated/loaned instruments and access to computer music software to create "performances" - working over a number of weekly sessions to put together credible and successful tracks inspired and created by the young people with professional and volunteer support.

  •  b) Using hired/loaned video equipment and computer programmes create film tracks to complement the sound tracks.
  •  c) Create DVD and online archives of the work done (online through social network group)

The Eildon Hills on a Starry Starry Night - apologies Vincent

Star Steps

 The story so far - Hawick

The early activities have been based round Hawick with drumming with a group attached to the High School preparing a piece to introduce the Creative Fashion Show at the end of March. The group had instruments and support from us, but had really good leadership and music ideas from Steven, a senior pupil. All credit to him and the group. Also in March, and continuing to date, Haley has worked steadily with TRASH Kidz, mixing trash percussion, guitar, kit drum and keyboard; adding in a variety of visual arts projects to go along with basic recordings. Ainz has been a great support


Star Steps - Katie and Fin

Katie started with us in April to carry forward the project from Kelso eastwards. So far she has worked, with support from Fin (especially on the recording front), at the ACE Centre in Kelso, Duns, Coldstream and a trip west to Galashiels. She also did some singing work with the ACE Centre Tots and their mums, which they really enjoyed and missed her when she stopped. The projects so far. Duns Courtyard Band was able to use the school and the new outside instrument set up, and there was additional experienced support. It was a big group (24) which always creates some problems in focus, but they were hugely enthusiastic and produced two really creative recordings

Quotes from Duns kids...

"Something you liked about Star Steps: I liked working together to make different music; Star Steps make things fun

Something you learned about yourself: I enjoy music; I work well with others; never be afraid; that I am not that bad at music; I learned that if I try I can be great at music

Something you learned about the group: group trust; I can work good with the group; it's fun to work together; they are very fun and I enjoy it

Something you learned about music: rhythm; you don't need an instrument for music; you can make music out of anything; music can be fun"

THe ACE Centre was an open group with people coming and going which made conventional group work harder. The group solved the issues creatively with a recording about the setting up of the ACE Centre along with appropriate sound effects and music. That allowed everyone to have an input. Waiting for feedback.

In August there were sessions at  Coldstream,  The Gate Project in Galashiels and Yetholm.

The Project was completed in August and the final report sent to Kirsty Taylor of the Scottish Borders Arts Unit. The project worked with young people in Hawick, Duns, Coldstream, Kelso, Galashiels and Yetholm. Star Steps, which allowed a wide range of ways of getting involved, seemed to bring out a lot of good responses and the wish to carry on beyond the funded period. The feedback from the response sheets - a copy attached - was very positive. The most common being the fun of self expression and working in groups; the surprise of being able to make music without instruments. Katie, Fin had a lot of fun with the project and it does point towards the way not having to rely on expensive equipment  empowers people. The only "costly" piece of equipment was a little £140 Tascam recorder.  

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