Kenny and Fin in Israel

We had been planning, with Emmanuel and Shekel, the organisation for people with special needs, for a return visit in 2011,

ten years after Bill, Alan and Jenny made their trip. Bill was meant to go with Kenny but, because of domestic problems, could't go.

Fin stepped into the breach to cover the playing engagements Bill was due to fulfil. It was a very hectic and difficult period, but we

did'nt want to let Emmanuel down. In the end the whole project was a breast success with the making of a Junk garden by Kenny

with help from Fin and Emmanuel and groups of young people (there were restrictions on the photographs we could upload).

Fin performed at a festival and in a Scottish pub - in Jerusalem!!? With a family group with very little rehearsal

This gives a flavour of the trip:

Kenny's list of materials - WOW


Attached find a list of materials and tools for the project.  The materials should be second hand / recycled.  Any scrap material you can lay

your hands on that can be hit quietly, loudly, that makes a noise, I am sure that I will find a way of adapting.  Tools list also attached- safety

goggles/ glasses, gloves, means of securing materials while it is cut or shaped.

Please get back to me if there are any queries.  I am looking forward to coming over.


Kind Regards




Aluminium scaffolding pipes and clamps.

Plastic draining pipes --8 lengths 6" diameter

Wire/ rope / hessian rope / plastic rope.

Van / car wheels / inner tubes.

Pots and pans/ kettles.

Wood for frames  --- 2" by 2"  and 3" by 2"

Bolts/ coach screws/ wood screws.

Plastic barrels / bins.

Metal barrels / bins.

Copper pipe.

Beer caps

Wood for hitting/ xylophones / marimbas



Angle grinder/ cutting blades/ flat discs

saws / hammers.

Drills and bits.



From Emmanuel at the end of the project:


Hi Bill

Just a brief report for now

Finlay and Kenny have done a wonderful work over here

We really enjoyed their company

Kenny faced some real dangers of the middle east and almost exploded from too much food during the 'last meal' yesterday 

Otherwise everything went smoothly

Kenny has some serious plan to bring one of our theater groups for a tour in Scotland he will tell you all about it   


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