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Thunder and Lightning

14 of us at BRASH on the 27th Jan. Quote from Bart " The TRASH Drums are the thunder and the Brass is the lightning". Like it! Next session on the 17th Feb at St Boswells Church hall at 2pm. TRASH EGM to follow at 4pm if anyone wants to stay for that. An important occasion

Early Intervention Fund application off by email - and receipt acknowledged. Would allow us to do more early years work for the next two years. Was a lot of hard work. Lets see what happens - fingers crossed. Thanks a lot to Heather from the Bridge for  support at a critical time in the process. 
Everyone of the projects is progressing full tilt. We got some lovely A5 notebooks, some with black paper ideal for chalk drawings. Picks to follow. Emma making great strides with her small bell set on " Flower of Scotland"

Designed by Dawn our new arts session worker. She's a real whizz with this kind of design. Lets hope it is a Lucky 2013.


Trash holds a workshop every Wednesday for adults with additional needs, doing lots of different creative projects at Artbeat studios in Hawick. We want to give more people the chance to attend, so we currently have 3 spaces available!!! We could also arrange further to allow another 10+ spaces.... depending on how much of a response there is. So, if you know someone who'd like to attend, or have any questions at all... Get in touch :) Muchos Gracias. Had a lovely first day back with our group at Artbeat Studios with Big drums with a group based round Billy; guitars, drums, sax and voice based round Kelly and David; and the big group working on the Journey project. Fin, Dawn and Chris are back on the school and nursery trail and the James Band will be back rehearsing this Friday for another round of visits.

Had a good practice with the James Band with added Ken on Sax. Next gig at Lanark Lodge. Got a workshop enquiry about a possible school workshop down London way. Spent most of the morning figuring ways to connect with other local schools to make the thing work - its a long way

Had our third BRASH session in St. Boswells on the 27th Jan. Still getting a mix of instruments and a fair number of returnees.


Another hardworking but fun week. Fin and Dawn were back at Argus and St. Boswells Nurseries, and Tweedbank Primary. Plus Bill, James and Ken at Artbeat Studios on Wednesday. Dawn and Fin ended a long day with an evening session at Newtown Youth group. Fin and James were at Rutherford Square in Kelso Friday am and with Bill and Ken at the James Band practice at Jedburgh in the PM. Bill was scouting out new ideas for projects most of the week. The week included a first - a teacher from a local High School got in touch about a possible day of workshops. Her email mentioned that she had taken part in a TRASH workshop when she was young. She had remembered that she had had a good time and it was TRASH who was there.

Another of Dawn's artwork where some of the group from the Journeys project were exploring significant words and making templates to colour in. This was the example.

We have decided to move with the times and become a limited company. This will be through OSCRS :

ScottishCharitable Incorporated Organisation for charities

You can find the guidance on this at:


We will be holding and EGM on the 17th of February at 4pm (straight after BRASH) in the Church Hall, St. Boswells.


The special resolution to put to the membership is:

"That subject to the approval of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, a proposal by the Executive Committee of Trash Arts be accepted to dissolve the said charitable organisation and transfer all its assets after satisfaction of debts and liabilities to Trash Arts, a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation with similar objects."

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