The Stortytellers Project funded by Foundation Scotland has got off to a good start with lots of ideas. It wouldn't be TRASH if it wasn't wild and wacky!! Last week we pulled out a first story from these ideas, involving Manchester United, Soaps, a magic bridge, and a glass forest. This week we worked on, and changed, and did variations, and argued, laughed, and got lots done. The morning music group  made a football drumming piece, with chanting and added bass and sax. And another wild piece to do with the glass forest and recorded other bits of ideas with the smaller instruments. The afternoon mixed artsgroup came up with a glass goal? our own team - TRASH United (blue and yellow colours); a TRASH United song; and a Glass Forest with all our "glassy" sounding instruments, crying, ghostly sounds, final crash and running back over the magic bridge. Blooming heck!

The TRASH United Story (a work of many hands)

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