Youth Music Initiative Large Informal Fund G12-01009

Nursery Adventure

Scottish Borders 2012-2013

We have successfully completed the work we have been doing with the nursery groups in the Borders. I know TRASH working with under 5's - does not compute - oh yes it does - you need the imagination and sheer ---- to be part of TRASH, all qualities of the very young. Chris Achenbach, led the group and provided the initial training for Fin, Katie, and Dawn.  They took their diverse musical skills into the world of the very young. Well we have to train up a new generation of TRASHERS - so thank you YMI and Creative Scotland for this chance to change the world- for the better, hopefully!!!!!

 Look below for access to the CD tracks for use in your work with your group. We hope they will inspire     you to make up your own music with the children. Good Luck!!!


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 The Nursery Adventure CD tracks can be found here:

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