19th Nov

What do you get if you take a group of people, some of whom have never met before, aged 7-70; 15 big plastic drums, a bat phone, a scaffolding glockenspiel, a xylophone; all from TRASH Arts; trombone, trumpets, saxophones from the OO group; and funneloniums (courtesy of Scottish National Funneloniums), and mix them together? You get BRASH of course. TRASH arts, the long established arts group based in the Borders specialising in creating music and mixed media from scrap and donated instruments brought together TRASH percussionists, Brass players of the TRASH Other Orchestra and people who answered the Social Media call, to make up a BRASH Band for the afternoon. The session was voted, a mildly hysterical, success. We have held two more sessions of this unique grouping and stress relief therapy.

Pictures and Video from the First Sessions







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