Grundtvig European Programme

From the end of 2008 until June 2010 we were involved in a Grundtvig European Programme. This programme funded our work with the Poles and Slovakians. More information on our joint project below.

 TRASH found the programme very useful and the people managing it very helpful. The following may inspire you to get in touch with the programme:

 Grundtvig funds training opportunities for UK adult education organisations, staff & learners. Funding is for any UK organisation involved in non-vocational adult education.

For an overview of the Grundtvig Programme go their site: 

The Grundtvig programme  Anyone in non-vocational adult education in the UK can participate. This includes adult learners, teachers and trainers, counselors and careers advisors for adult learners and senior volunteers. Mobility OpportunitiesFunding to attend training courses, job shadow, go to conferences and seminars in other European countries. Plus opportunities to meet prospective partners from across Europe for future project work through Preparatory Visits.

Small Co-operation Projects: Funding for UK organisations to work with a relatively small number of European partners on issues of mutual interest, to share expertise and experiences. Grants are also available to get involved in exchange projects for senior volunteers and host workshops for learners. Plus opportunities to meet prospective partners from across Europe for future small co-operation project work through Preparatory Visits.

Large Co-operation Projects: Funding for projects to develop new materials and support European networks in adult education.

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