Personal Development

TRASH Workshops and projects can help individuals to develop self confidence and a sense of self worth. Our workshop leaders set achievable goals and help the group reach them, thus giving everyone something to be proud of. Scientific research has also shown that drumming causes the release of pleasure-creating endorphins in the brain, making it a demonstrably enjoyable experience. Finally, TRASH Workshops, which have an emphasis on movement, can be great excercise. This can be particularly beneficial to those who favour music over sports.  


Social Benefits

Most TRASH based activities are conducted as a group, creating an ideal situation in which skills of social interaction and communication can improve. Our exercises often involve watching and listening to each other, taking turns and taking individual responsibility for a certain element of the performance or exercise. Because TRASH workshops are fun and different, we often find that younger people who may be difficult to engage in other activities are among those who get the most out a TRASH workshop or project. For adults too there can be social benefits of drumming together, which has led to our skills and instruments being utilised by companies for team building sessions and by teachers as an in-service day activity.



Due to their simplicity, TRASH instruments provide an accessible way in to music making for individuals who may have previously felt excluded. For more experienced musicians playing TRASH can be of great value in improving rhythm, playing as a group, and can unleash previously untapped creativity. As a result many TRASH players notice that by playing TRASH, they also improve at playing other instruments.

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Environmental Awareness

The recycled nature of our instruments make TRASH an ideal starting point for encouraging a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. By demonstrating what can be done with “a load of old rubbish” TRASH Music Projects aim to encourage participants to think creatively about how to make the best use of the resources around them. Because TRASH is loud, colourful and fun a TRASH workshop is an ideal activity for environmental groups or for schools looking to supplement their environmental projects.

Academic Possibilities

TRASH can be linked into Physics (the science of sound), Art (decorating barrels, creating backdrops), Maths (how do we work out how long each tube on our batphone needs to be in order for it to play the correct pitch) and of course Music.

Promotions / Marketing

A TRASH Performance is exactly the sort of eye-(and ear)-catching spectacle to draw attention to an organisation or cause. We have worked with companies and other charities to help drum up support for their cause or promotion. Contact us now

for details on how we can help you.




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