In 2007 local Funder Youth Chex funded us to make a film about our performance group TRASH'd. Alan set up the initial group in 2002? and here it still was, and one of the most impressive junk percussion groups in the UK. This is a bit of final tribute to the group as this was their last year together. The film maker and editor was Ronnie Johnston who describes himself as a"Self taught musician and filmmaker". These are three sections from the film.



Over a number of years we made regular appearances at the Peebles Arts Festival - in fact for eleven years in total we either did workshops at one or two school workshops, or, latterly, a school workshop on the Friday, followed by the class performing at the Chambers Institute on the Saturday morning followed by an appearance by our own TRASH'd performance band. This remains an excellent way to show what TRASH can do. 







In 1999 we were approached by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to play at their Sunday event and at the, then, new "formal" High Street busking events. This we jumped at. Colin, Erika, Jenny, Ivan and Bill all were involved. On the Sunday a Large Norwegian gentleman approached us and asked if we would like to bring TRASH to Sadefjiord in Norway in 2000. He came back to see us the following day on the High Street, so we reckoned he was serious, and so he was. So in June Colin and Bill flew to Norway followed, a few days later by Erika. We spent a short but hysterical period, with our own driver and transport, gathering drums and other stuff. Working with young people from the local High school and members of the special needs organisation of which Oscar was director we put together the piece you can see here. This was filmed by Emmanuel from the Special needs organisation Shekel, based in Jerusalem. Emmanuel invited us to go to Israel the following year and put together an integrated piece for performance. March 2001 saw Bill, Alan and Jenny (a different Jenny) take off for Tel Aviv on their way to Israel. We were treated like royalty and we tried to repay this with some of the hardest work we have ever done. This film was made by Shekel and is one of our treasured memories





From the early days TRASH has worked with dance and movement - sometimes with other groups, sometimes bringing in an artist - even working with high school gym teachers on body workout drumming.


The earliest clip here is from a very early project for a BT festival. Local choreographer Olivia Roper was working with a teenage group and suggested we might like to be involved. Essentially there was one day available for Erika, Jenny, Colin and Ivan to put something together with the dancers and very little other time for polish. This clip is from a dance festival at the Volunteer Hall, Galashiels.




the second clip was from an impromptu section at a school workshop - part of series with the Friday Group. all with hearing loss, sometimes severe to total. In this session the rest of the class joined in. Dancer Jo Hancox was supporting this particular session and contributed the Stick dance













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